“Wes Larkin provides the absolute best learning experience, bar none. Very knowledgeable and great practical application of topics and practices. Well worth the investment of time and money to enroll in one of his courses. He provides not only an exceptional learning experience during the course but is a vital resource after. It has been a game-changer to my operation. I would definitely recommend his course to anyone wanting to invest in themselves.”
Aaron Tenney
Triangle T Cattle
Kimberly, ID
November 2018 class

“Wes was a great instructor. He was very patient and did a great job explaining the process of embryo transfer and what to look for in a good embryo. Wes thoroughly explained the freezing process as well as how to transfer fresh embryos. He made it easy to understand. He gave out handouts and provided pictures to help with AI timing and embryo stage identification. Overall, I would say that this school has provided me the tools and understanding that I needed to grow my herd. I appreciate the time and effort he put into the class.”
Reubi Choske
AllStar Beefmasters
Boerne, TX
December 2018 class

“The combined ET and AI course was a very valuable course, Wes provided excellent instruction and his willingness to help and answer questions beyond the class is greatly appreciated. The small class size allowed for him to assist everyone, and provide advice to help with each individuals success moving forward. There was a perfect balance of time spent in the classroom, with laboratory work and getting inside of cows.”
Megan Bergsveinson
Alberta, Canada
April 2019 class

“I was part of Wesley’s first class after he took over for Dr. Elsden. He did a great job of moving slow and making sure we were all on the same page and understood each step. We spent a lot of time looking at embryos either in pictures or through the microscope. He wanted all of us to be confident in what we were looking at when we left the school. When it came to cow work, he allowed us to get in the cows as much as we wanted to ensure we were confident in what we were doing. My first group of embryo calves are currently being born and I could not be happier.”
Colton Tom
Animal Science Co-Manager
University of Findlay
Findlay, Ohio
August 2018 class

"I found the embryo transfer course taught by Wesley Larkin to be exactly what I needed and more than I expected. Through veterinary school, I did not get enough actual hands-on learning with advanced reproduction procedures. Being taught by Wesley in a small class setting was an ideal learning environment, I gained the tactical skills and knowledge needed to successfully and confidently flush cattle for myself and future clients. I would recommend the class to anyone ready to take their veterinary practice or cattle program to the next level. Wesley was more than willing to answer any questions I had and even help me after my completion of the course. A quality class taught by a quality instructor - it was well worth my money and my time."
Stanley Soehnlen DVM
Soehnlen Cattle Company
Navarre, OH
August 2019 class

"Wesley Larkin does an excellent job of instructing the AI/ET course, both in the classroom and chute-side. He takes the time to ensure that every student, regardless of experience level, is comfortable with the entire process by course completion. This includes flushing donors, transferring to recipients, and performing necessary lab work such as freezing, thawing, and grading embryos. Wesley’s patience and attention to detail make for an enjoyable learning experience, and it has given me the skills and confidence needed to offer ET services to my clients. I highly recommend this course to those interested in expanding their skill set, as it is well-worth the investment."
Brad Schmitt, DVM
Four Star Veterinary Service, LLC
Veterinary Care and Consultation, P.C.
Rushville, IN
April 2019 class

"The embryo transfer class I took was very informative and hands on. There was a good balance of classroom and cattle handling. I learned a lot from Wes, and he answered all questions clearly. I honestly feel I can work my whole herd by myself after this class."
Charles Godsy
Godsy Farms
Van Buren, Mo
August 2019 class

“Wes did a good job in teaching the material. Really liked the format in that we were learning about it in the mornings and applying what we learned in the afternoon. Thanks for teaching me a skill that will help me for as long as I am in this industry.”
Gerrett Boer
Dalhart, TX
August 2019 class

“Had a great experience, a lot of hands-on training in the lab, and with cattle as well. Jason and Wesley are great people would recommend to anyone who wants to learn E.T.”
Stephanie Vasquez
Lawrenceville, GA
April 2019 class

“Wes, I wanted to thank you for putting on such a great class back in November. With all your tips and tricks of the trade I learned more than I had expected I would. It has been a great year with some successful flushes and more confirmed pregnancies than we have ever had in the past. By using your methods my conception rate is up more than 20% and I couldn’t be happier with amount of great genetics I will be adding to my herd next year thanks to your complete knowledge and experience in the cattle industry.”
Brad Sardelli
Northville, NY
November 2018 class

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