Utilizing Cryopreserved Embryos

Post Date: November 1, 2022
Utilizing Cryopreserved Embryos

In this post we will be discussing another important advancement in reproductive technologies, cryopreserved embryos, and the ability to ship those embryos to cattle operations around the world.

The most obvious advantage of using cryopreserved embryos is the ability to use genetically average dams to produce elite calves. Purchasable cryopreserved embryos have superior genetics on both the dam and sire side (versus just the sire when using cryopreserved semen). Thus, the current genetics available on your operation does not have to contribute to the genetic merit of the offspring produced.

However, embryo transfer can also be utilized within your operation to produce more calves from the best females of the herd annually. Thus, using cryopreserved embryos can work for multiple different operations with different production goals.

Below are some general examples of how embryo transfer can be utilized within a production setting. External usage refers to purchasing commercial embryos through a company and transferring the embryos, with outside genetics, into the herd females. Internal usage refers to super-ovulating and breeding donor females within the herd and transferring their embryos to recipient females within the herd.

Purchasing Commercial Embryos Through a Company and Transferring the Embryos, With Outside Genetics, Into the Herd Females
Super-Ovulating and Breeding Donor Females Within the Herd and Transferring Their Embryos to Recipient Females Within the Herd

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