Using Artificial Insemination and Herd Bulls

Post Date: September 19, 2023

Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds: AI and Herd Bulls in Our Cattle Herd

Using Artificial Insemination and Herd Bulls

At the International Embryo Technology School, we believe in combining the power of modern technology with the reliability of tradition. In this post we will demonstrate how you can embrace both Artificial Insemination (AI) and herd bulls within your cattle breeding program. Here's how we make these two approaches work seamlessly together:

  1. AI for Precision:Start your breeding season with AI. This technology allows one to carefully select which outside genetics to introduce into the herd. You can choose sires known for exceptional traits like carcass quality, calf weaning weight, maternal instinct, or disease resistance. Think of AI like hand-picking the genetics to make the most profitable calf crop
  2. Herd Bull for Efficiency:Once AI has set the genetic foundation, the herd bull takes over. He's there to ensure that every cow that didn't conceive through AI gets another shot. The herd bull will increase overall conception rates at the end of breeding season.
  3. Comprehensive Genetic Improvement:This dual approach allows an operation to achieve comprehensive genetic improvement. AI helps brings in specialized genetics, while our herd bull maintains genetic diversity and ensures that every cow has maximum chances to become pregnant.
  4. Cost-Efficiency:AI and the herd bull work in harmony to reduce costs. By utilizing both, you don't need as many herd bulls, and you don't have to rely solely on AI, which can be expensive. This balance helps us optimize our resources.
  5. Defined Breeding Season:Just like with our herd bull-only approach, we maintain a clear breeding season. This ensures uniformity in our calving season, making management more efficient and predictable.

By combining AI and herd bulls, you get the best of both worlds to ensure the future of our herd is strong, genetically diverse, and profitable!

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