Enhance Your Operations Reproductive Efficiency

Post Date: October 17, 2023
Enhance Your Operations Reproductive Efficiency

Let's tackle a fundamental question for producers considering adding embryo transfer to their breeding program: "What is it going to cost?"

Understanding the costs associated with embryo transfer can be complex and multifactorial, with one of the most significant expenses being outside labor. However, there's a solution – attending classes at the International Embryo Technology School can help you offset these costs significantly.

Typically, a producer will be paying for expertise in various critical areas:

  1. Cattle Synchronization Protocols
  2. Embryo Flushing
  3. Embryo Transfer
  4. Ovum Pick-Up
  5. In-vitro Fertilization Techniques
  6. Cryopreservation of Embryos

Depending on the level of expertise, travel expenses, and the service provider, these costs can add up to $50-100 per animal.

However, the International Embryo Technology School offers courses that equip producers, veterinarians, and industry professionals with the skills to significantly reduce these labor costs.

Knowledge is Power: Not only will you learn how to perform these procedures, but you'll also gain valuable insights into why certain management practices are essential for ET success. You'll discover how to mitigate losses and make informed decisions about the companies you'd like to collaborate with.

So, join us at the International Embryo Technology School to invest in the latest knowledge surrounding ET, modernize your breeding program, and make informed choices to improve profits. We provide foundational knowledge that you can leverage to enhance reproductive efficiency at your operation.

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