Embryo Transfer In Dairy Cows

Post Date: June 13, 2023

Embryo Transfer In Dairy Cows

Embryo transfer can be a powerful tool in dairy operations. The basic superovulation protocol of donors with fresh embryo transfer into recipient females is easier in a confinement management situation. Moreover, combining the use of sexed-semen, embryo transfer, and beef on dairy could optimize overall production value.

At the International Embryo Transfer School, we offer courses that will teach dairy producers how to super ovulate and flush donors. Within the dairy industry, we recommend using high producing females as donors and transferring all flushed embryos into moderate to low producing females. The super ovulated donor females can also be artificially inseminated with sexed semen to decrease the number of male calves born.

We recommend that all flushed embryos be transferred or frozen aiming to have an entire replacement heifer crop from embryo transfer. Donor females can carry their own embryo or be bred to a genetically superior dairy bull. However, with the new marketing trends in the dairy industry, we recommend using beef semen in lower producing females that do not conceive to embryo transfer. These offspring can be integrated into the beef commercial production system, finished at the feedlot, and harvested yielding a much higher economic gain for the dairy producer compared to dairy bull calves. This is just another innovative way dairy producers can use embryo transfer to increase their profitability.

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