Selecting Embryo Recipient Cows

Post Date: March 21, 2023
Embryo Recipient Cow Requirements

Recipient cows have more requirements than donors for good reason, these are the females responsible for carrying the embryo to term, calving successfully, and nursing the calf until weaning. Recipients should be carefully screened to ensure they are capable of these tasks prior to embryo transfer. This post we will give you a list to double check for all your recipients this breeding season.

  1. Minimum body condition score of 5
  2. At least 50 days from last calving date
  3. No history of calving difficulties
  4. Large pelvic frame
  5. Maternal protective characteristics
  6. Good udder conformation

*If you choose to transfer into heifers, they must be at least 14 months old (18 if indicus-influenced), at 80% of mature body weight, have a reproductive tract score of (4-5), and a pelvic area greater than 180 cm2.

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