7-Day Estrus Synchronization Protocol

Post Date: May 23, 2023

Embryo Transfer is a powerful reproductive technique that allows beef producers to multiply the genetic potential of their top-performing females. It involves collecting embryos from genetically superior donor cows and transferring them to recipient cows, which then carry and give birth to these valuable offspring.

Estrus synchronization protocols play a pivotal role in the success of embryo transfer programs. These protocols aim to synchronize the estrous cycles of both donor and recipient cows, ensuring optimal timing for embryo collection, transfer, and subsequent pregnancy establishment. By synchronizing multiple cows, producers can maximize the efficiency and success of the ET program.

Estrus synchronization in embryo transfer commonly involves hormonal treatments. Prostaglandin and/or progesterone are often used to manipulate the reproductive cycles of donor and recipient cows, facilitating the coordination of follicular development, ovulation, and uterine receptivity. Accurate administration of these hormones, as per the protocol, is crucial for achieving successful synchronization.

Timed embryo transfer protocols have gained popularity in beef cattle ET programs. These protocols synchronize donor and recipient cows to a specific timeline, allowing for planned embryo collection and subsequent transfer to synchronized recipients without the need for precise heat detection. Timed embryo transfer streamlines the process, reduces labor requirements, and increases the likelihood of pregnancy establishment.

Below is an example timeline depicting how estrus synchronization protocols can be used in embryo transfer for recipient cows. Next week we will be discussing superovulation protocols for donor cows!

7 Day Estrus Synchronization Protocol

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